Divamp Couture


Profilbild von Divamp Couture


The urge to create something with my hands, I guess I have got it from my father.
He is a sculpture artist and teaches art, always busy in his studio creating daily situations in ceramic.
It worked to my advantage the easy access to different materials and to have my father near, to help me out whenever I got stuck.

I made my first leather shoes when I was about 15 years of age.
As proud as I was, I took them to school and wore them in combination with my torned up jeans (even before Nick Camen became famous with his ), I colored my wide shoe laces into bright fluorecent colors.
My school mates looked strange and laughed, nevertheless there was a noticeable respect into their opinions. The students picked it up and wore ripped jeans and colorfull shoe laces shortly after. My first “fashion hit“ was born, today 34 years ago.

During my study in Holland, I was already busy selling costumes to friends as well as to shops, this was my main focus.
I re...