Khedesha Naira


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Das solltest du über mich wissen

Life can be hard. But how hard can life be with my heel in your mouth? Can you still say my name or can you only stumble?

My name is Naira. I started my dark pleasure academy of lust, dominance and stimulation because I felt unsatisfied with the things life had to offer. I kicked myself through a huge journey of personal education in sexuality and my tool box is now full with gifts for your satisfaction. Together, we create a safe container where all your dirty and secret fantasies can come alive. Your darkness is my source of passion. I cannot wait to get my hands on you!

Despite my fire, I am relatively new in the field, so I am not yet experienced in everything. However, I am open for you to introduce me into your world of kink and to explore it together.

I have a very feminine, sensual appearance and I am caring, but don’t be mistaken, I have also an explicit sadistic side. I will abduct you into the lustful game of bizarre eroticism. I am a really crazy ...